3D root canal filling

obturatie canal

Following a correctly performed root canal treatment the life of the tooth on the dental arch is prolonged. This approach avoids the future extraction and dental implant . Quality treatment is in fact much cheaper than a dental implant.

The latest endodontic treatment technologies involve using a dental microscope, rotary equipment for the preparation of the root canals, cleaning and irrigating clogged canals with ultrasound and laser and 3D vertical hot compacted fillings.

The danger does not disappear with the removal of the nerve and there is a need to continue with endodontic disinfection and filling it with a perfectly sealed material that does not allow penetration of bacteria. The current method used for root canal obturation is warm vertical condensation.

By warm vertical condensation melted material is vertically pressed in order to reach all endodontic channels even in the lateral ones. Hot compaction is the safest method of obtaining durable root fillings.