Restoration of the masticatory function can be achieved using dentures. Dental dentures provide less comfort but they are a viable compromise where the clinical situation prevents the achievement of fixed crowns or bridges supported by the remaining teeth or dental implants.

Mobile dentures

Mobile dental prosthesis is one of the most used methods of replacing teeth. It is used especially when the patient has missing teeth and has no supporting teeth to get a fixed prosthesis.

Fixed-removable dentures

Fixed-removable dentures is an evolution in the field that solves one of the most frequently reported problems by patients namely mobility.

Implant supported denture

A full implant supported denture is a modern dental treatment that aims to alleviate the functional and aesthetic discomfort caused by wearing a mobile denture

Skeletal dentures

Deployable dentures (Skeletal) have mixed support elements gums, gingival bone or the remaining teeth. They must connect with special gripping systems built on the adjacent teeth.

Elastic dentures

Elastic denture is increasingly used over classic acrylic dentures. The advantages of an elastic denture are numerous but price is still higher.